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Kroger feedback survey is managed by the Kroger Feedback Company which is available at and this survey or feedback would help you to obtain free 50 fuel points.

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kroger survey

Kroger Feedback Survey Requirements

However, you need to know to satisfy these criteria or eligibility which will, in turn, help you to access website.

  1. The requirement of a smartphone or laptop with an active internet connection is needed.
  2. Only Spanish and English languages are available.
  3. Your minimum age before joining up should be 18 years.
  4. Your participation is required in the survey within 7 days of your last purchase at any Kroger store.

The fuel points which you obtain from each of these purchases can be in turn used for various Kroger groceries, Kroger fuel point, and even Kroger digital items. These points can also be used to make purchases online in the website.


kroger feedback

Steps to taking part in the survey:

Step 1: For participation, you need to first log in to

Step 2: Enter the date and time of your visit and make sure that you enter the Entry ID which you will find in the receipt.

Step 3: Answer the question which would be displayed on the website.

Step 4: You need to provide your ratings within a scale of 1 to 10.

Step 5: You will be asked to provide your overall satisfaction with Kroger for the last time you visited one of their stores.

Step 6: Make sure that you point out the cleanliness, friendliness of the staff and also the overall environment.

Step 7: You will be provided with the option to rate the availability of goods, the quality of goods purchased, the total amount paid at the billing counter and also the accuracy of the orders which you placed.

Step 8: If you happen to face any specific problem at the store then click on Yes to write a detailed complaint on whatever the issue is.

Step 9: You are asked to rate your chances for the next time you would be visiting the store in the next 30 days.

Step 10: After proceeding with all of these steps above, you will be provided with a unique validation code to redeem the free 50 fuel points and you will always be entered in the lucky draw lottery for obtaining the Gift Card of $5000.