KrogerFeedback Customer Survey is something which was introduced by the Kroger Feedback Company in order to obtain feedback reports directly from the customers at

The specific reason why the customer satisfaction is so much popular amongst the very own customers of Kroger Feedback Company is that after participating in the Kroger Feedback Survey the customers will be automatically registered in a lucky draw where they would have the chance to easily will $100 to $5000 of credit scores.

Take Kroger Survey OR Give Feedback

After the completion of the survey, the customers could easily obtain gift cards or food cards with which various gifts or coupons can be redeemed at any Kroger store. In addition to all of these, Kroger Feedback is an online feedback platform that was launched by Kroger. In the Kroger website, the customers can easily take part in the survey and win various prizes by going through the feedback process.

Kroger Feedback Survey was launched in order to obtain the customer suggestions on how to improvise their services based on the services they provide to their individual customers. Therefore, the introduction of such a kind of portal. Only the customers who made a recent purchase from any of the outlets are eligible to join up in this survey as well as they would also have a chance to get gift cards worth $100 to $5000 in addition to 50 fuel points.


KrogerFeedback Survey Requirements

However, you need to know to satisfy these criteria or eligibility which will, in turn, help you to access website.

  1. The requirement of a smartphone or laptop with an active internet connection is needed.
  2. Only Spanish and English languages are available.
  3. Your minimum age before joining up should be 18 years.
  4. Your participation is required in the survey within 7 days of your last purchase at any Kroger store.

The fuel points which you obtain from each of these purchases can be in turn used for various Kroger groceries, Kroger fuel point, and even Kroger digital items. These points can also be used to make purchases online in the website.



You would eventually get to participate in lots of surveys, however, Kroger is the only single place to work in 2019 for more advantages to its employees which does include insurance and healthcare. Customers supposedly enjoy their shopping experience with Kroger official and they also feel great to shop at Kroger.

 What is Kroger Fuel Points?

Kroger has two types of fuel points namely, Kroger 50 fuel points and Kroger Bonus fuel. These rewards can be obtained easily by applying to the Kroger Feedback Website. You can expect a vast amount of services and the company, in turn, will release loads of free money to show gratitude towards its loyal customers by offering a chance to provide a survey with the help of feedback. Anybody who wins this competition will have the chance to win $5000 cash prize, in addition to various other gift cards as well as 50 fuel points.

However, providing free fuel to its customers is not the main motive of Kroger Company. Its main motive is to provide excellent customer satisfaction in addition to maintaining each and every one of their services at the top. The company has recently started all of this review and feedback system in order to maintain enthusiasm amongst its customers as well as the improvement of the services at all Kroger Stores.

A Draw is made monthly and 12 customers are picked up randomly who would win 50 fuel points which can be seemingly redeemed at any gas station outlets. Also, if your luck favors, you could even win $5000 worth gift cards. If you have won the lottery then you would be contacted personally for the price amount or cards. So you need not worry about privacy with Kroger.

Fake Kroger Survey

Be very careful since nowadays, many people have been receiving the notification for fake surveys on their social media which happens to look like exactly the original Kroger Survey. Our recommendation would be that you stay away from all those fake websites and make sure that you always check in to the official website for availing the survey offers.

How to know that a Kroger Survey is fake or not?

Below mentioned are some points which you could follow to find out whether a Kroger Survey is fake or not:

  1. Kroger never advertises their surveys or feedback on social media. The whole procedure is only taken part in the official website.
  2. No pop-ups would be there on your device when you visit the official website.
  3. Kroger would never announce a huge amount of price money as coupon code.

Kroger Customer Service

If you happen to face any sorts of issues with the services provided from Kroger, then you can easily support the Kroger Support Team. If you are willing to contact the Kroger Support Team, then you could easily contact them via online chat or via the toll-free number which is provided on their official website. Kroger’s support is quite helpful and they are one of the best supports you would ever find with a company. They do indeed work very hard to solve the customer’s issues or problems with one call.

Customer Support Number: 1-800-576-43770

The customer support does operate on various timings. The timings are mentioned below:

Monday-Friday: 8 AM to Midnight EST

Saturday & Sunday: 8 AM to 9:30 PM EST


Now you have access to one of the best guides about the Kroger Feedback Survey. We do hope that the above guide has quite cleared off your idea on how you could earn a free reward point with the help of the Kroger Survey. Also, you do have the chance to participate in the lottery and win a grand prize of $5000 gift cards or $100 gift cards too. In case you are facing any problem, you could contact the Kroger Customer Service.

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